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"A" Bail Now! Bail Bonds Inc. offers reliable and affordable bail bond services in Beaufort and Charleston, SC. Our knowledgeable agents are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the costs and conditions of bail bonds. Browse through our list of frequently asked questions for helpful information about bail bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Premiums (Cost)?

The premium, part of the cost of the bail bond, is based on the rate filed with the state. The standard premium ranges from 10-15% of the bond amount (1000.00 bond 100.00 to 150.00). The 15% rate is usually for non resident defendants, misdemeanor offenses, or higher risk defendants. Large bond premiums for defendants who have retained private council or have a homeowner to sign may qualify for premiums less than the standard 10%. We do provide interest free payment plans for qualified individuals with a suitable down payment on large premiums.

What Is The Benefit Of Bailing Someone Out Of Jail?

  1. The accused can go back to work, school, home, family, and continue with usual daily life.
  2. Permits the defendant unhampered preparation of his or her defense (seek private counsel).
  3. Serves to prevent the infliction of punishment prior to conviction.
  4. Allows the defendant to seek treatment before sentencing for contributing factors.
  5. The jail statistics show that defendants released prior to court are more likely to receive lesser sentences.
  6. Conditions may be imposed.

Can A Bondsman Make An Arrest?

Yes, a bail bondsman or a runner licensed under a bail bondsman may make an arrest of the defendant and return that defendant to the proper detention facility. A non-licensed individual may not make an arrest. The arrest power of the bail bondsman is given by the contract (bond) and South Carolina code of laws.

What Is An Indemnitor?

An indemnitor (or co-signer) is a third party who signs a guarantee to the bail bondsman that he/she will have the defendant present at all future required court dates. The indemitor is held financially responsible for the full bail amount in the case the defendant fails to appear in court. The indemnitor may be asked to put up collateral worth the cost of the bail bond. The collateral is returnable upon the completion of the court case. The indemnitor should posses the solvency or assets that will secure the risk to the bail bondsman. We suggest that you have a close relationship with the defendant and regular interaction if you wish to post bail.

How Long Can A Case Remain Outstanding?

A misdemeanor triable in the magistrate court is usually over within 45 days unless a jury trial is requested. A felony triable in the circuit court can take up to several years.

Can We Arrange A Bond Over The Phone?

Yes, we can arrange a bond over the phone and even execute the paperwork by fax or email.

How Much Of The Premium Do We Get Back?

The bail bond premium is earned once the defendant is released from the detention facility. No portion of the premium is refundable even if the case is not prosecuted.

How Can We Pay?

We take cash, checks, all major credit cards, Pay Pal, Western Union, money orders, and travelers' checks.

How Long Does It Take For Someone To Be Released?

It depends on the jail but usually it ranges from 30 minutes to maximum of 4 hours.

How Long Does The Paperwork Take?

The paperwork will take about 10 minutes. We do require that you bring a state issued ID and may also require a pay stub, proof of citizenship, or current utility/phone bill.

How Does Bail Work?

The process of bail is regulated by the state of South Carolina. A magistrate or judge within the county of arrest will see the defendant within 24 hours and determine the bail amount. The bail amount is based on several factors including previous arrest history, employment, length of time in the community, community ties, offense charged with, mental illness, victim input, or any previous FTAs.
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The fee paid to a bail bondsman is also known as a premium. A premium is a non-refundable fee for the service of making the bail payment on behalf of the accused.